Would you, user?

Would you, user?
Be honest

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at this point id fuck anything, i have not felt the warmth of a woman in my whole 25 years of living on this forsaken earth

Yes, and not because I'm desperate like this fag It's because I'm a degenerate.

what if im both, you faggot

I would fuck an actual horse if this stop you from making this thread over and over

She only fucks her girlfriend

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I think we're all almost the same here with the only difference that not everyone would fuck an horse

With her no, but with Cerea the answer would always be yes.

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hell yeah


This is a thing, you know? I mean, it's not like prostitution hasn't been a thing but your average prostitute feels like a medical technician, except even colder as most medical technicians can crack a joke if you are friendly and kind enough.

Of course, sadly she probably wouldn't enjoy it

Imagine him washing her horse butt, ewwwww

Only if she has a horse pussy. Human pussy is also good.

depends on where she has her pussy

I've fucked an ugly old hag, this is way better than that.

I already fucked a mare. Pretended it's a girl.

Give me the tomboy karate imp instead. Or the imp's bookworm cousin with the goat legs.

Sure, I can’t afford to be that picky at this point. Shame I wouldn’t be able to reach her tits though.

Canonically under her tail and anus. There was almost an entire chapter about them looking at and taking pictures of her pussy. It was never shown of course, but them lifting her horse tail and looking between her rear legs was enough to help paint a picture of where it is located.

this reminds me of that muv luv producer who was eating horse meat and posting about it on twitter
under the uma musume tag
pissed myself laughing when i heard about it on /mlg/