Ryoko thread

Ryoko thread

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Grandpa waifu tier. Get with the times old man


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Fuck you and your ugly broccoli hair


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In my entire life I've only ever had 2 waifus. Ryoko was the first, this was the second.

I think I like girls with big hair and brash personalities.

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Waifu is for laifu dumbass

Who is that?

Only ever had one Waifu, and it will always be one waifu her laifu. Anything else is cheating and degenerate.

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>I've only ever had 2 waifus
You've never had ANY waifu.

Our girl may be a pirate but the way she is sidelined in the later adaptations is truely criminal

Whats the appeal?

Demonic space pirate with a flirtatious and hotheaded personality.

Boy did I feel weird watching this as an elementary school kid.

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My daughteru in law is very sexy. Gets it from her mom.

its a shame we never got a space pirate themed tenchi spin off with a bunch of space pirate bad bitches. could have been the opposite side of the coin to the GxP series

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Just as well. With few exception, Kajishima doesn't seem to like the original cast, aside from Washu and Sasami, and just shits all over them in the few seconds of air time they get. Ryoko in particular has become a worthless slapstick character that's usually just the butt of the joke.

Tell that to that asshole Tenchi.

You mean changing your waifu every 5 months like some insecure otakufag? Instead of having a waifu for laifu?

It's odd but i found GxP to be servicable but sadly i feel bad that we will never get the LN version of the series, no matter how much i beg Seven Seas, Yen Press or J Novel Club none have answered my calls.

Does this explain why the OVA's and series have been on a downward decline in recent years? Was it because one of the two co-creators broke off?

anybody else rewatch the old OVA in the fall? something oddly nostalgic about watching tenchi during this season