Buyfag thread

That pudding looks delicious

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read the guide

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Everything looks delicious and the bunny maid concept works far better than it should.

skin too red

is this the sus Maid from that one show?

You mean too green

So she was cherry flavored all along and not strawberry....

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Anyone ordered a daki inner pillow from How is the quality because I cannot find anything on it. It's relatively cheap compared to import for EU members.

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japan please open up your borders

my myopia bunny sister

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it will probably be on amiami and other stores eventually but I saw it on bigbadtoys

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any nice uhohhh figurine to preorder?

For anyone that missed it last thread big o is up for pre order.

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miku bros...

I can't afford to post images even

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i swear i'm on the verge of quitting this hobby

post your collection maybe I'll buy it for a good price

not digging the scarf but those tits and thighs are hard to resist

nah, I rather not share my personal data in these threads
>buy it for a good price
sadly I wouldn't be selling most of my stuff for good prices, I rather have patience and sell slowly, there are some scales I have that cost +1000usd in the aftermarket: i.e oliga and Ramlethal

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I wish they made a Ramlethal figure but she's naked

>I wish they made a Ramlethal figure but she's naked
i hope they make a 1/4 bunny of her, afm price of WHS MF one is fucking bullshit