KYHOO Eizouken

Would you keep yout hands out of her Eizouken?

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I certainly wouldn't, frog is extremely cuddleable.

That's not a frog, it's a tanuki.

I wanna marry this weird teen.

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shit anime, pompo did it better

>shit anime
Your mom's cunt.

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Seasion 2 and / or movie fucken when?

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Heh. That's pretty good.

I wanna impregnate them all.

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that scene from Ochibi-san.mkv

Okay, I'm an idiot.

that scene from Obake-chan.divx

Go it right this time.rm?

kanamori is the biggest chad in anime

that's not a tanuki, that's a kappa

It's a tasty-looking tanuki.

definitely not, especially with Kanamori.

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>mfw no milk

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She looks good in anything!

AOTY, It was pretty good, I was expecting something similar with Yuurei Decoy but it seems it's not.