What goes on in the mind of a Precure?

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What's the difference between precure and postcure?

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Cute and canon

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Getting ready to spoil her at any moment

Behind the convenient rock enclosure that you can't really see from the shoreline, yes.

Amane DP...

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well, postcure doesn't exist yet since they are still touring and putting out albums

nice bikine, btw I like that artist

>What goes on in the mind of a Precure?
Hikaru: I love space!
Lala: I love Earth!
Elena: I love my family!
Madoka: I hate my dad
Yuni: I hate the space mafia

>Madoka: I hate my dad
I wish she hated her dad. Girl's too much of a pushover to tell him what he deserves to hear.

Madoka understands her dad's point of view because she's a good girl and great tradwife material.

Monke butiful

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>brave enough to fight the creator of the universe
>can't tell her dad to fuck off

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What show were you watching?
Even after the "canon" timeskip she's trying her best to avoid him.

She just complains that she gets a lot of work, and obviously she won't get much chances to meet him because they both have busy jobs. Nowhere does it imply that she's avoiding him.

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I want Iona to blast me with a fortune star burst.

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You're projecting as much daddy issues as the person who writes the Precure reviews for ANN

I could swear there were summaries given here that said otherwise.

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Actually no, I'm just basing that on what people said about it before.
I guess they could have been wrong.

Reika is cute and my favorite smile.

Did you watch it or is your memory just fuzzy

The Kanshasai? Yes but my knowledge of the Japanese language is bad. I mainly just watched it for the fun Lala noises.