Memes aside, what did you think of her show, for those who have seen it?

Memes aside, what did you think of her show, for those who have seen it?

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I'm in the middle of second season and developed irresistible desire to give her pat on a head

its ok
chaika is cute

It was fine. I didn't appreciate it much back when I watched it, but looking back now it is pretty unique, especially compared to a lot of fantasy we get today. The story and characters were not executed very well as far as I can remember but the show was fun and funny and had some interesting ideas.

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Really liked it. A good fantasy-adventure story with likable characters (not only Chaika).

i love this dragoon

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How did they avoid being sued by sega?

Enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Its very solid, ending is right amount of bittersweet. I guess the world building seems a bit shallow and rushed but I don’t really care, the characters are fun.

The first season was charmingly fun, the second was a bit weaker, but still enjoyable. Watch it if you get the chance.

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painfully average
not even remember the end
not even remember the MC
not even remember the plot
not even remember the soundtrack

only the waifus I do remember

Boilerplate fantasy done just well enough and with just interesting enough characters to be entertaining. Not reinventing the wheel but definitely fun.

Did the novels ever got traslated?

It was solid. Nothing really special, but sufficiently accomplished what it was going for and had some exceptionally solid humor.

You not even remember English either, ESL-kun?

It changed my life.

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Pretty good, except for the ending that was too rushed.
We deserved two more seasons, at least!

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Season 1's great, season 2 was horribly rushed.

It was alright but I liked Scrapped Princess better.

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The show was pretty good, but the ending was bad. The memes were top tier.

P.S. Freddy best girl

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