Why is Christianity and specifically Catholicism for prevalent in anime/manga...

Why is Christianity and specifically Catholicism for prevalent in anime/manga? Christianity makes up less than 2% of the populace.

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It's a cool aesthetic.

>Christianity makes up less than 2% of the populace.
it's the biggest religion in the civilized world, of course it will be prevalent dumbo

It's as exotic to them as Shinto/Buddhism/Taoism etc. is to us.

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Why are ninja and samurai so prevalent in American cartoons? They make up 0% of the populace

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Steven seagal is a certified ninja, so it's not 0%

1/300,000,000 = 0.0000003%
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>2% of the populace
bro you mean in japan?
there are 2 billion christians worldwide, literally the biggest religion, also the japanese love the aesthetic, same reason why they love nazi uniforms, It's not like they care about the meaning itself which is why every anime nun looks like a slut

Isn't Christianity the biggest non-Asian religion, though? Despite its small size. I've never heard of Muslims or Jews or Zoroastrians in Japan. So while it's small in number it's not nonexistant like those other religions.

Catholicism is the "exotic foreign religion with a particular aesthetic" to them.


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the cult of the bishop of rome isn't asian, but the religion they corrupted is

It adds oversea appeal, also portraying Shinto negatively is seen as less acceptable.

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Catholicism has best aesthetics and metaphysics
inb4 Obros

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