Is this really what Jack the Ripper looked like?

Is this really what Jack the Ripper looked like?

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Is Any Forums your google?

Yes i was there

The popular image of him looks more like Dantes ironically

Yes, and this is how Jack really killed people.

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This specific version of Jack is based on the idea that the killer was a supernatural curse that came forth from the souls of the unborn babies that the prostitutes around London kept aborting. Which is a really long-winded way to justify putting "child who dresses like a prostitute" on the character design sheet.

Which is all to say, even in the wacky and wild world of Fate lore and all the bullshit that happens there, this is still just MAYBE what Jack looked like.
Just a possibility, since the most known aspect of the whole Jack The Ripper story is how no one actually knows who this nigger actually is. So the grail in all of it's bullshit can basically pull anyone out and say "well there was this ONE theory about Jack that says..."

That's too humiliating

Not humiliating enough

Yes she did and I actually have a source for that.

Imagine watching your servant lose like this

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She had a bigger ass and bigger tits.

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I want to be dominated by Jack

That's what Jack looked like when killing billions.

>Draw a little girl
>Give her wide hips and a big ass
Who was this meant to appeal to?

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It would be heartbreaking and dick exploding


No that's Jack the stripper


Nobody knows, that's the point.