You guys like Bakugan?

You guys like Bakugan?

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As a latino, it was a little part of my childhood and quite the craze in my vicinity back then, even yesterday I was thinking about buying at least one Bakugan as a memento.

btw Mira was always pure sex to me since then.

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She's kind of cute but I don't like her eyes.


You are brown

I grew up Bakugan, Beyblade Metal Saga, Pokemon Gen 4 and Naruto. I have the Wii Bakugan game too.

I want Runo and Julie's tight, delectable cunnies to bring relief to my swollen, throbbing cock, if you can parse my intentions.


bakugan got banned in my primary school because all the boys would just fuck around and play it during class. Same happened with Beyblade. KINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Post hand Jamal

I want to get runo pregnant

why do you remind me of this

Dan and Runo was kino

I only watched the first season. Pic related was a fave of mine even before the reveal.

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Is the new show any good?

>admires her beauty with hair down and change of clothes
>immediately frantically says he was just pretending to be retarded after making a dense shonenshit gag tier comment
>pulls her back just to pose with her on his arm
>"everything is perfect"
Holy SHIT.


didn't they kidfy? i fucking hate the west ruining cartoons

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