Flame Alchemy transmutation circle is such a huge secret that Riza burns her own back to make sure it can never be...

>Flame Alchemy transmutation circle is such a huge secret that Riza burns her own back to make sure it can never be passed on again
>Mustang slaps that shit on the outside of every pair of easily-stealable gloves he owns

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isn't that just a portion of the big-ass circle? also correct me if I'm wrong but those gloves are a custom-made weapon, he's only got the one pair.

Tattoo on rizas back has not only the circle but also instructions on how to use it. Implied that one is useless without another

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That's not the full formula just the transmutation circle required.

Yeah I mean you can easily figure out the last bit of the circle since it's symmetrical

>showers him with a hose
Where's your God now?

The circles on his gloves are just enabling him to perform the Flame alchemy. The rest of Riza's tattoo is needed to understand how to actually know how to perform it.

It's like having a bullet without a gun. The bullet can cause damage, but not without the gun.

One of the most dangerous and powerful forms of alchemy has a lame weakness? You don't say.

God I want to FUCK the shit out of Riza

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I wonder how Roy was able to memorize Riza's back so perfectly, he must have seen it a lot

Why wouldn't they fuck

To use alchemy you not only need a specific circle, but understand how it works completely. Without the instructions on Riza's back mustang wouldn't have been able to do anything.
I find FMA's powersystem to be quite disappointing, unexplored and vague, but there were some rules. Don't speedwatch/speedread

They fucked so much they didn't get married because that would have gotten in the way of their let's fuck each other brain out sessions

What makes you think they haven't?

Maybe you're phone posting

I got a few warnings for ip mistakes now and then. I figure someone was phone posting in the same apartment or there was some kind of ip clash?

How do you think Mustang got to see her naked so much?

>in universe
They probably did in secret, nobody knows because of Conflict of Interest and superior/suborbinate relationship bans, etc.
>in reality
Shonen Gangan aint a seinen publisher, and that would be too explicit

Probably it, can't help it since i m unpacking a fitgirl game and it slows my computer way too much

>the only Any Forums related images in this thread are the ones that are specifically about the show
Get yourselves some fucking Any Forums reaction images.

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