Hi I'm Shidare Hotaru

So I died because of diabetes and got reborn as a demon queen.
How do you like my new looks ?

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Temari a best

Don't fucking use Debby for your gay ass Larp, faggot.

What's the deal with Isekaifags and larping?

I can't tell if you guys are joking or just retarded

Her design is fucking disgusting. Nowhere near the perfection that is Hotaru.

no not even close

They different sex appeal
Debbi is for the bed
Hotaru is for the kitchen

Learn English.


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Isn't that the jobber from One Piece who lost both her womb?

Debby can't beat Kanan-chan

Post v1 extras?

Why does her hair have an extra set of eyes

If you died from diabetes were you also fat? Are you going to be a fat demon queen too? Also can I see your panties?

Did you know that a century or so ago almost all diabetics were were really skinny.
something happened that changed this.

I want to dump ch12 but can't...

diabetes magic

I love Debby's armpits bros.

Forgot the pic.

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try c9.75 p3

why cant you

can't download or upload any files where I am

The cancer is spreading. Imagine being on-topic because you have 3 headcanons.

Why didn't they merge that page properly to remove the cetral line?

She's so hot, I wanna lick those pits.