Mato Seihei no Slave

Volume 11 is out, dumping the extras.

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Start of the omake.
The entirety of the omake has nipples so all the pages are going to be spoilered.

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>this will never be you
kill me already

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holy shit

Oh no Mirakeks

End of omake.
Some bios after this.

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Kyouka’s jealousy remains a constant.

so they did have sex
>n-no they were both nakes in a hot steamy care and only did kissing of course!

>never even took his pants

Glad retards will finally stop thinking they had sex.

Huh, so he based this reward on what he experienced with Tenka and Kyouka in the baths but more intense this time. Cute from him. Both the other Chiefs are getting into him.
>Mira is fully naked
So she was indeed fully undressing.
Thank you user. Cheers.

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>they were both nakes
and they werent

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Even in the sketches Takemura is inconsistent with the proportions.

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I hate you Takahiro


This is the last bio.
Uncensored nipples next.

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Yeah this guy's crazy as fuck

Here we go.

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>This high and mighty yet one could just man handle her and look for places to bend her over

>activates shadow clone no jutsu

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>Yuuki's 173cm
Will be funny

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6 pages in a row, must be a new record.

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Oh this was neat, connected to the omake, they actually did something more before he fully reported Kuusetsu's being inside him. I never realized that there was this possibility but looking at it now he actually suddenly becomes beet red after Tenka gives him a kiss on the cheek. Nice.

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kek, Tenka's hungry as hell

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