I can fix her

I can fix her

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Go ahead

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>The plot of Danganronpa would have been prevented if someone dicked Junko


>inserts penis in tomb

with my dick

Too small. She needs bbc

Big Byakuya Condescension

>Giving a grave to a domestic and global terrorist
Japan is beyond cucked.

That is surprising true. Junko could have used some good dick. In a way toko would probably not murdered and be in a bad mood if she got some too. I know Angie does and she's always happy

Built for Big Naegi Cock

Hes a manlet probably have like 3 inch at best

Just finished Danganronpa 2 and I have a couple of questions:

Which classmate had sex with Junko's dead body?
How did they do that + harvest her body parts when she was squashed into a bloody pulp.


But shes a hot terrorist. I mean we probably would have a mural for bin laden if he was a cute tsundere

Wrong Naegi, bud.

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From what I recall Mikan transplanted Junko's uterus into herself.

Any lewd pics of junko?

Has this been confirmed somewhere?

I'll never get over how much this game tricked me
I was never expecting the ending reveal


Don't think too hard about it. It'll only ruin you're experience of the series.

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I can break her.