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the universe will bend on itself and let her win anywere, no matter how pathetic, underserved and pitiful it will end up being.

that's a winner flag
couple forms but the manga doesn't end = they break up

Hiro is ugly and autistic

can someone explain what happened like 10 chapters ago? I thought Nagi and Erika confessed and realized they like eachother. Then their parents said to test their feelings they will wait for a few years.

Then Nagi just turns around next episode and goes "Hey I am gonna date Hiro now?" Is this really what just happened?

Who's a bigger cuck? The one who didn't realize earlier she liked the man that now is going out with another girl? Or the one that will allow her boyfriend to be taken from her, by another girl, right before her eyes?

>what happened
Miki "forgetting" in order to stretch the manga, that's what happened.

The threads struggle to hit bump limit now, that's pretty sad. Really shows how the manga has gone downhill over its run.

Best girl Hiro won

Erika will win as wife and make a family with Nagi.
Sachi will win as imouto and is family.
Hiro will lose and just be study rivals as friends.

It's okay, she got over it a couple of pages later.

Ai is fundamental.

>plowing hiro

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>I win because I got sisterzoned

>"Hiro will win"
>"Erika will lose"
>"Harem ending"
>"I-it was just funposting"

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Nagi is a lucky man.

That has been the S*chikek cope since she got utterly BTFO in the Nagibowl.

Hiro sex SOON

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That makes sense since Sachi is akin to a schrodinger cat. She is MC's sister and she isn't his sister are two stated that exist simultaneously until the author decides on one. The direction of Sachi's overall arc is hinted to be heading towards the former state, so it's a matter of time until Sachi will be happy being MC's imouto.

Fck you author,, i follow reading this piece of shit becoz erika and then you dump her like shit and made her cry So what the fuck is the same feeling speaking to his father Fck writing so lame

Nagi is so lucky

You already got told about this S*chi's character is over. She lost. Her only role in the story now is to seethe in the background about Hiro.