Why are their threads so weird

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most dont have english as a first language plus they are 14 year olds who never existed before smart phones. There is now a whole generation of people who have no idea what life as like before phones. And it makes them weird.

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Vacate the premises.

That's just what Latin America is like.

They are all Latinx ESLs

missed the latest tik tok trend gramps?

Because they are normalfags who for some reason invaded this place.

The real question is why are you so slow? Dimwitted to boot.

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Because anyone who isn't either a child, a third-worlder or profoundly mentally ill gave up on Dragon Ball when "Super Saiyan with blue hair" was touted as the second coming.

Mods didn't care enough to moderate threads for works they hate and now it's too late
All they needed to do is recognize that what was shifting it from fun shitposting to actual cancer was the Jirenfags and deal with them right away.

>Jiren outta nowhere

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Good. 10 years ago generic battle shounen weren't allowed on Any Forums, let alone generals for the generic battle shounen. Mods then let it happen, and now they are having to suffer for their sloth and stupidity.

>Any Forums

>wanpiss shitter mad his movie is flopping

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>why are their threads so weird
Says the moeshitter who circlejerks about lolis in their threads. kill yourself

I hope the manga hiatus finally gives the mods the excuse they need to purge the spic menace


Dragonball bros I don't want to go back to /trash/...

DBSpic threads are the only threads, probably on this entire site, that hates loli porn and waifus. They are normalfags.

the only vaguely funny people on here

Yes, I too enjoy reading the same three "jokes" 400 posts in a row.

>regurgitating the same shitposts ad nauseam

/dbs/ stopped being good after ToP ended and It peaked during Zamasu era

good question

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