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Was it necessary to give Yor J-cup tits in the anime?

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Is this thread really necessary?

Those are D/E cup breasts
Also yes it was

Why wouldn't it be necessary? A new chapter just came out

Anya a cute.
So yes.

The question was unnecessary because the answer is obviously yes.

Will Yor getting shot in the butt get Animated?

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Yor should breastfeed Anya

>A new chapter just came out
did I miss one?

Maybe when Anya gets to be a big sister.

God I hope so.

Was it necessary for you to be such a fag?

Can Yor beat Sylvia in a fight?

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Imagine how much more smug Anya will get when she gets her second stella

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Twilight is a mommyfag, so giving Yor a big fat chest just makes sense

imagine how smug/OP anya will be when she's a young adult

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Why not? Many people like boobs, that's it.

are you really necessary?

I really hope so, the entire chapter's a fucking riot.


It is necessary that they have gotten bigger in part 2

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