Why did Kyoani make this detective so sexy?

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KyoAni's largely female staff had to somehow keep themselves awake while animating this dull pseud shit.

I didn't get the movie episode

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Thankfully some guy made a whole 23 part series analyizing and explaining the entire anime with excruciating detail.

the scriptwriter never existed, in truth the movie club didn't know how to finish their own movie and got eru to come up with a crazy scenario so that he could "solve" the mystery in order to trick him into finishing the script. it's also implied that oreki realizes this and plays along anyways because of her giant purple eyes

I want to hold orekis hand and sleep in the same bed with him and write him poetry no homo this is what ancient greeks did and this all is strictly heterosexual like achiless and patroclus modern "people" could never understand

>the scriptwriter never existed
She existed though? The gang studies her notes on detective stories, IIRC she didn't want to do the ending the club wanted and Irisu laid her off

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Season 2 someday

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is there even material to adapt?

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Well I've not read the books so I can't say for certain just how much material there is left, but from the looks of it there seems to be two books that haven't been adapted yet, which is enough for at least one cour. The series is still being published, as well.

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Hyouka came out 10 years ago.

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I remember all the ice cream threads and how every user was bitching that nothing happens.

One korean girl has singlehandedly kept the Hyouka fanbase alive

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>ice cream

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I admire her autism

>10 years ago
I love the OP

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>the scriptwriter never existed
Yes she did, she just didn't know how to finish the script.
>it's also implied that oreki realizes this and plays along anyways because of her giant purple eyes
This is literally the opposite of what happens. Oreki thinks he's a total Chad and that he solved the mystery perfectly. Meanwhile everyone else realizes there's something wrong with his deduction and then Oreki gets super salty at Irisu because she tricked him.

Hyouka's got a mad underrated soundtrack. I never see it get mentioned in OST threads.


Chitanda is still the prettiest girl I've ever seen in an anime

her art is really good.