Summer Time Rendering

Shinpei's Longest Day

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Sequel novel featuring Hizuru and Haine's autistic detective adventures confirmed for October.

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disc 1 of the OST is already on youtube

Sex with Mio!

Thanks user, love the OST for this show. There's a few really cute tracks in there that I don't think I've heard at all though.

Official summary of today's episode:
>Hishigata Seidou appears before Shinpei, who is in despair over Hizuru's death. In the course of his conversation with Seidou, Shinpei learned a new clue about Shide. There was a possibility that Shide had kept his own corpse as a spare body.
>Furthermore, Shinpei recalls that on the day of the Hitogashima Summer Festival - July 24th - Ushio, without any memories, will return. There are signs of Ushio's resurrection, but Haine and Karikiri are also trying to capture her.
Once again they aren't even trying to hide the spoilers.

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Is Ushio being revived today or next week?

What would sex with Ushio be like?

100% today
i predict today's episode will end with Shinpei's party entering the cave after restoring Ushio


Betting all my keikakucoin it ends there too kek

It's her summer coat.

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So this is where all of Pokemon's budget is going to.

Because this IS pokemon.

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This scene was barely choreographed in the manga so I can't wait to see what the anime cooked up for the big cave showdown, which was mostly just a flurry of simple Ushio vs. Shide slashes

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Best girl

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why did this anime barely boost sales despite the high budget?


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Who else doesn't have a clue anymore what's going on?
I'm just watching it for the girls right now.
God, I feel so stupid sometimes.

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Don't worry, the show just does a bad job at telegraphing story points

Blame it on time travel fuckery and ghosts rules outta my ass
But yeah, you're kinda stupid i guess. You're the Totsumura of this thread which means you managed to get some pussy on July 24th

Why's this not more popular here?