When is the main character of arc 7 going to be on-screen doing something? She's barely been here.

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Wish she could have seen ShotAl, wasted opportunity frankly.

Moblia a SHIT

What went so fucking wrong with arc 7

Dead thread. Dead anime. Dead Shaula. Dead series.

You got to admit, between her and Rem's stubby trunks she has the better legs.

No she doesn't.

Rem actually stood up and saved the city

Nothing. It started strong while every other arc starts off very weak

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My wife is very alive, thank you very much. She's just a scorpion for the moment.

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Can ANYONE give me a argument on why Al being from another world is important? More so important than Subaru's character?

Has it influenced the plot at all? Did any of the "Al is like evil and will like betray Subaru by killing Rem (said for the 11th time by a increasingly nervous ""theorycrafter"")" come to fruition?

Your wife? When did you marry her? As far as i remember she is just a fictional character user, are you sure you are ok user?

Shows that people have definitely been isekai'd in the past (before the star autism reveal)? Also shows that is not just a thing in the past but something that's been happening more consistently.

Al does have a relationship with Satella, and him being isekai'd can be important to that.
Rather, his existence leads to different questions than if he wasn't there or if he wasn't isekai'd.
Plus, I'd say its one of the other reasons, besides love, why Subaru decided to accept his new lot in life was because of his talk with Al and how he was stuck with no luck for 20 years.
Anyway, have you read his side stories? His memory issues are also worth enough to note.

That’s just world building at the moment. It’s not more important than Subaru’s character development.

This is a continuation of the last thread’s argument.

I just find it completely insane people think Al being from another world is like some super plot important thing, more important than the scene that the entire series is named after and has been the driving force of the main character for the last 4 arcs.

Al being from another world is very important. From Zero is ALSO super important. Foundational to the story and Subaru's character.

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It's important because it means that SOMEONE has been isekai'ing randoms for hundreds of years seemingly without stopping for some reason and this information was provided early and in a none asspull fashion before there was any involvement with witches (apart from Satella of course) and before the deeper plots and such began to be revealed.
You call it worldbuilding but good worldbuilding is one of the foundations of a good story.

>Your wife? When did you marry her? As far as i remember she is just a fictional character user, are you sure you are ok user?
You're too normal for this board, kindly fuck off.