ITT:Supporting characters who are better than the protagonist

ITT:Supporting characters who are better than the protagonist.

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Easy with the sidekick complex Kuwabara

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Honestly the best part of the series

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I wish there was a Vegeta spin off in super where half of the arc is him playing destroyer and the other half is him going to the amusement park and beach with trunks and bulma.

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He might be a piece of shit but look at him

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Isn't that most series?
The protagonist being the best character is usually an exception to the rule.

This guy was a cringe loser

Yeah except OP is clearly wrong because Yusuke is the greatest fucking MC of alltime.

You know it's true

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Japanese Beavis was pretty based, his sister ain't bad either.


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Bruno's Bizarre Adventures

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>Supporting characters

he's stronger

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>the edge

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>Honestly the only good part of the series

8 out of 9 characters posted so far are main characters, sasuga shounentards.

>tfw none of the conflict in BNHA would have happened had All Shart didn't go full retard and gave OFA to Mirio as he was supposed to instead of Shitzuku because Mirio would have become an even greater unstoppable force than peak All Shart
Quite possibly the single most frustrating part of the entire story.

It's because Hori fucked up and introduced Mirio to the story, who was quite literally Deku but better in every way, including just basic physical prowess without even taking into account the quirk, as well as his heroic qualities that were all actually there, unlike Deku.

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