Fall 2022

We are 1 month away from the biggest season in the history of the industry. The board will be 90% popular shonen anime by then and nothing else will even stand a chance; don't even try. Have you made your selections yet? What are you gonna watch?

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>yowamushi pedal
I've completely forgotten where I left off on that.

>uzaki chan s2
yup, looks like a good season

>biggest season in history
>it's just fucking battle shonenshit that hypefags and normalfags flock onto

I'll be watching the Maid Wars one.

As long as the threads for the shows I'm going to watch are comfy and devoid of rampant shitposting I'm okay with this.

watch more anime

Every season this year would've been big if they adapted the original material properly.
It's hilarious how the release that had potential to be the biggest one in this decade didn't even make it to the list because it's a garbage adaptation.

Isnt that like 90% of the case with adaptations?

I only watch anime originals, only those have fun threads on Any Forums, like this season's lycoris save for the shitposters. So I'll only follow gundam tanuki char

Adaptations tend to be disappointing, but this is an extreme case.

Pretty sure nothing will be better than summer except maybe Bleach and DIY anime.

>not watching akiba maid war

Chainsaw Man alone is the most anticipated anime in the last decade.

Tell me about it then

It's anime original, which is what you want.

i'll take that over moefaggotry and isekaifaggotry any day

It's maid girls doing very non-maid things. In that sense, it's similar to Lycoris.

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>theres either only battle shonenshit or moeshit
Expand your horizon peasant

>cygame original, probably promo for a gacha game
>actually just maid waitresses, not battle maids
Meh, the premise is boring, I'll only check the first episode for the sadistic looking maid

>non maid things
It seems to be just a working girls show as usual, the gun is probably a meme service