Yofukashi no Uta

In the Dark of the Night


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Are we going to see detective in 1st season?

Gyaru vamp episode.


>black void
Why do they keep doing this?

Haha! Time for yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Maybe some people want to show what's there and that's why they make those parts, then someone else tells them no later.

Because on the DVD it will be grey with a vague panty outline
On the BlueRay release it will be crisp white panties with a crease down the middle .

Corporate has to make it's money

That costs money. They can just make people hope the BD will fix it then do nothing.

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I can't wait for this song.

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Are they even gonna get to this?

This needs to be a harem

who else waiting till tonight gang?

Jk da.

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>just sitting her bare ass on the dirty ground
do women actually do this?

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