Isekai Oji-san

Rare happy elf. Treasure it because there won't be many.

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Just watch any of the other isekai.

Cute erufu

I prefer the cute face she makes when her hopes and dreams get crushed

>some user starts fansubbing
>kewl, I can do that too!
>add some lines, submit
>go to bed
>wake up 10 hours later
>not a single other user has contributed
you get what you deserve

>go to sleep
>no fansubs
>wake up
>still no fan subs
fuck all of you.

>The most popular show alongside Lycoris
>We don't get fansubs for days
Why though?

because we've had rips of official subs until now

What changed?

production issues.

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some netflix shit
funny how the only other show this year I've needed fan subs for was Komi-san, also a netflix show

I've never done this before.
It's slow work. Lots of skipping back and forth between pages/volumes, missing/changed lines...

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if you can find a file with JP subs you can put them through deepL to get an idea of what's being said too

This is painfull to see.

supposed to be spelled Ojisan together, I think

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Why are you complaining? Fansubber is doing it on his own, of course it's going to take time. Would you rather wait a week? ffs

This fucking erufu face!

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>elffags can't keep their thread alive

Futa are treasure, femanon-chan.

cease your faggotry

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>face expression expresses happiness
>ominous sweatdrop on cheek
Everything's going to be daijoubu, is it?