Does Any Forums have any love for Kamichu? To me it seemed to be a pretty good anime but theres no discussion of it anywhere on the internet including here. Kamichu! thread.

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I remember I watched the first couple of episodes but I didn't continue.

it's good
aliens are your friends

I dropped it after that awful alien episode.

Watched it ages ago but I remember literally nothing outside of the main premise.

It's comfy and well put together

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Lovely and cute anime

Onomichi is so comfy

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that's some high IQ stuff

I watched it a long time ago. I still remember the OP and I still can't believe the singer went on to voice Maya in Revue Starlight.

It's too bad the other Onomichi anime (Sora to Umi no Aida) was fucking shit.

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I finished watching this few months ago. It's so comfy and Yurine is top cute too.

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It probably is one of my favorite SoL anime, the specials are probably the peak of the show.

It's good, though I didn't care much for the romance parts.

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I remember this show because it was the first show I ever dropped. I might one day give it another try

Watched on Animax on 2006-07. It made me love slice of life shows.

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I haven't watched it yet but I know without a doubt that I am going to absolutely love it. I just know. For that reason I'm saving it and savoring the idea that something I'm going to love is still unseen and I can look forward to it. I think i'll watch in the next year or two when life is very relaxed, unlike now, and I can really immerse myself in the experience and take it in.

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It was good, but it was fairly light on plot even for an SOL. There's not really much to discuss, "it was alright" sums up the show very well.

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