Would you go on an adventure with your childhood friend and sister in an isekai world...

Would you go on an adventure with your childhood friend and sister in an isekai world? With the addition of being granted magic and sword skills.

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Yes but I betray

Bad user, cfs are loyal

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Fuck off

I don't believe in common law childhood friendship

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Fucking hell I've been looking for this pic for months. The only sauce I found for this was the seiga page but its attached as a wallpaper and couldnt be ripped

Guess again. Childhood Friends accept you even if your magic attribute is the exact opposite of hers

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Same kek. I occationally ask for this specific pick in isekai threads for months

How did a perflat loli grow up to have such huge tits?

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She cute

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Now that's an upgrade. MC better fondle those tits.

How? Titjob or suckling?

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Sex with Eco

I still dont trust the Prince bros.

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Based Princess Childhood Friend enjoyer.

Childhood Friends are the best. Mode so of they are nobles or royals

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MC should kill the prince for safety measures. You don't know if he's an NTRman or not.


>Childhood Friend's family are a dukes who are hardcore royalits
>Prince same age as MC and Childhood Friend
>Lumped together in the same group
>The only one whose as strong as MC and Childhood Friend
>Prince suspiciously never interrsted in getting a gf even though MC describes him as the best looking guy in class.

Too many red flags

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