Shingeki no Kyojin

Predict the BAby's name

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Jean Jr.

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>fat baspic

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So which shingeki is your wife?

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Why did Requiem team put these Mikasa/Ymir parallels in their work?

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Mikasa obviously

Good choice


I'm like Kenny, no wife or kids.

>no more threads except retarded bait by BAnus fat spic
This is the end of snk

The only remaining true fans are Mikasachads, Anniefags and a few other characterfags, rest endlessly seethe in their own threads

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>dances while his son, wife and entire country is demolished

Shit ended a long time ago when the hack author decided to pussy out and keep shilling his self insert. Only to then give a shit ending where no one wins. Oh yeah also a fucking bird! Bird Eren! Can’t wait to see anime onlys defend this shit already get enough of it from retard shipping fags.

RIP Connie


Adolf Hoover

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