Yuri makes any anime genre 200% better

yuri makes any anime genre 200% better

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i meant to say Yuri moments/elements


Still waiting for authors to realize that yuri harem is one of the most enlightened genres out there

Harems are for chimps. How is that enlightened?

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>tfw no gigastacy powerfantasy manga about some overpowered buffed up feMC going around seducing cute girls and going on sexy heavy metal adventures

speccy lass is a futa

Dykes and dyke worshipers should get the rope.

Men are such savages.

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It is an undeniable fact that every story in existence would be vastly improved if all the characters were female and are driven by the desire to make sweaty, passionate love to one another.

Agreed, yuri is good for your body and soul.

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The ultimate proof of that are isekai and harem covers, they hide the male MC or don't even show him at all, they know he is unsellable.

I want to see a romantic story with hentai elements about a bisexual tomboy and her male friend. At certain point she gets disappointed with the yuri and decides to date the guy who actually was in love with her all that time, but he was too shy and she was too dull.

what jealous that a woman has more game than you user?

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Is op part of that gay /h/ group who wanted to do the epic troll by posting futa and het on /u/ but always immediately got deleted?

Agreed, however yuri on its own is really boring, it takes a master, a level beyond even the greatest to create yuri that is entertaining to read in its own right. it's like salt, it makes things delicious but you can only consume so much on its own.

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Nonsense. It's in the interest of my bloodline to kill as many babies as I can get away with, even if I have none of my own, so that resources used to rear them can be used for any I might sire. Monogamy doesn't change that fact.

no, it's not
>but Love Li-
Love Live is dead

Chasing Amy was already played out in 2005.

i've seen the NND rating charts for all iterations of Love Live
surprisingly the yuri-est one got the highest ratings out of the four gens