It's been six years since 3-Gatsu aired. Despite being well-received...

It's been six years since 3-Gatsu aired. Despite being well-received, it was a colossal financial failure and never renewed for another season even with the manga making many strides since. What does Any Forums think of it now?

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It's a great adaption and it's a shame not more of it will be animated.

Why did it fail?

3-gatsu might run in young animal but it's a story for girls.
Should've been a live action drama. That's where the lion's share of women's money is, pun absolutely intended.

because it's boring and fuck knows what the hell shogi is even in Japan.

>it was a colossal financial failure

As soon as Kyouko is out, it turns into a remarkably boring and corny to the point of cringe trash. I don't know, maybe this sort of slow and corn kinda works in the manga form as chapters are short (hardly even more than 10 pages long) but as an anime it hits the new levels of borefest even for a sol.
And just for the record: the manga was really good for the first 4, I think, volumes, so good that I bought those and still have them, but later it just gets flooded with all that absolutely irrelevant and stupid sol rinse and repeat so much that I couldn't put up with it anymore. And and don't forget some bits of incredibly stupid forced drama and so called romintic developments. If you think Okada is too much, then think again because Okada is a drama genius compared yo the trashy drama you' find in the later parts of 3gatsu.

It's corny and fake, women just aren't capable of writing stories about loser men. They haven't lived it.

>one of the best shogi players of his generation
Kiriyama's problem is not that he is a loser. He isn't there for you to self-insert.

I thought it waspretty comfy and emotional. Not really something you see in anime

Example scene

Lets hope Netflix picks it up

One of the biggest examples that popular manga doesn't mean popular anime. Same thing happened with Blue Period, Hanako-kun and Wotakoi.

Kiriyama a loser? Put down the bottle, user.

It's the best anime ever made and as good as any art could ever hope to be.

This anime is a masterpiece.

I know YonkouProductions had failures, but there was a lot of leaks from him including 3-gatsu S3, but still nothing for 1.5-2 years. Could it be that Shaft is the issue, that's it's not the same Shaft anymore?

>muh sayulsssss

It airs on NHK, fag.

>Should've been a live action drama
Have you not seen the movies?

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Based pedoGOD

huh, are people out of the loop or some shit?

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She still has long hair in the movie version becuase she's still in middle school.

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For me it was too bigged down with meaningless slice of life shit. The actually interesting stuff was too spread out.

It's the ultimate healing anime, simple as.