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subs never

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why does netflix hate alice bros?


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What's up with the seemingly random subs delay by Netflix?

It's Netflix. What did you expect?

it's me

I got back from work and continued subbing. Finished about half the episode. Made sure to make it to the Sonic reveal. Now I need to sleep, but if anyone wants to continue the work feel free to do so. Once again the subs are synced to [Ohys-raws]. There are also a few lines missing since they don't exist in the manga or are too out of order for me to make sense of it in my current state.

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sleep tight user

Sex with Mabel.

I want to sniff Mabel spats

I want Mabel to freeze me

>includes karaoke lyrics
Holy based.

bless you, user

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>if anyone wants to continue the work feel free to do so
I might have some free time later. No guarantees though.

Who made uncle came?

Alien Soldier

look at this absolute chad
thanks user

So anyone wants to pick up anons work?

Sonic Hedgehog

Native English speakers only btw

beggers can't bee chooser, at this point I would take mtl even though I already read the manga and know exactly what is gonna happen.