Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi

now that time has passed and it's never getting a sequel, can we admit this was actually trash and all the hype was a failed attempt at triggering sjws?

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I like Setsuna and catgirls in general, and was disapointed the figure of her was fat.

>The show that relied completely in shock value and cheap ryona, with a shit plot and even shittier characters was actually trash all along

Who would've thought.

Both of your statements are wrong
Setsuna is a wolf
And her figure is perfect

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I'm done with Any Forums


It was alright, the OST was great, and the sex scenes where neatly animated. That's far from trash, watch more anime.

>the OST was great
>the sex scenes where neatly animated
sounds like you really need to watch more anime

Go on, do tell me how you would've liked the sex scenes to be made. Also

I thought it was really good, and absolutely not needing pointless bait thread OPs.

If nothing else, I’m glad it stuck (largely) true to the WNs instead of doing it’s own dumb thing like the manga. Was funny watching mangafags out themselves each thread complaining that the episode was “anime original” when it was doing exactly what was in the WNs. Doubly so when the manga skipped over Eve’s entire storyline and why she even fell for him.

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The ED was especially great, I still listen to that pretty regularly.

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take your meds
take your meds

If only meds increased your nonexistent vocabulary/creativity so you could stop communicating with buzzwords.

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It was garbage, but entertaining garbage, at least. Keyaru was so ridiculously edgy it was hilarious. If he was the main character in that dog girl show maybe I wouldn't have dropped it.

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it was total shit but i loved it

Those subhumans raged at it quite some times, so at least there's that.


Twittards, but that is just grass being green of course.

>ESL calling Twitter users subhuman

It doesn't need a sequel because the story after that is generic smut isekai crap. No rape anymore. My favorite sex chapter is the one after Kureha became the Sword Hero, though.

First dude seething after the 3 day vacation, naisu.

I've already admitted that back when the show came out and nobody besides Any Forums and MAL gave a shit