Made in Abyss

This is the most dangerous creature in the abyss. An unrelenting ball of rage.

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I uh ended up liking Faputas entrance song so much I went and dropped 2800$ on upgrading my home theater system today. I was due for an upgrade anyways but maybe that was irresponsible.

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I thought that was a pekora edit.

I figured that would be impossible because of how old that picture is but I had no idea that Jashin-chan was created the same year as MiA was until now

Sou desu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

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Made in a Kiss


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So much fluff in the right places

And her pussy smells like sunshine and steammed potatoes, what's your angle?

I don't think there's anything "like" it, but some things that come to mind
>A group of characters in a search of some grand mystery, with great soundtracks and a bit of despair
Wolf's Rain, Houseki no Kuni
>A vastuous world, with some greater than life locations and creatures, not fully understood by its inhabitants
Kaze no Tani no NausicaƤ, Mononoke Hime
>Rather than descending, we are going up
Kami no Tou (Tower of God). A bit controversial here, since it's primarily a manhwa, and some may say the story has taken a turn for the worse later on. But in my opinion, the first two seasons are pretty good (at least in the sense of adventure, mystery and awe). The anime is... not that great, production wise, but if you are interested in it, Kevin Penkin is the responsible for the soundtrack.

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>Kami no Tou
>Using the Japanese title of a Korean work in an English context

You just know

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Does anyone have the image of the umbral hands beckoning you to the kinoplex

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wouldve been nice if they put a bit of blush lines there like there were in the manga

>respawn at Nanachi's Camp bonfire
>take two steps
>"Invaded by Nanachi, The Blessed One"
>stabbed in the back with a poison blade
>instantly incapacitated
>dragged to her backyard while still conscious
>she begins experimenting on your still conscious body in the most horrific and painful ways possible
>respawn at Nanachi's Camp bonfire in thee hopes of snagging your runes
Tried finger, but hole

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Why does everything want to rape Riko?

Just look at her

Do you not?

So she tore off an arm right? Why is a chunk of her head missing?

I love my wife Nanachi!

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She ripped off one of her ears as well.

She tore off part of her head AND an arm.
Arm is going to Belaf for Nanachi, and Reg offered head-piece to Maa-tachi to protect Riko

Just watched the new episode. Moff rampage hype. Also get ready, because this will be the last MiA thread without Any Forums posting

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These threads are already pretty bad thanks to bad fetishes anyway, so can't be any worse.

Realistically that game will be forgotten in a few days. It looks like trash. The previews don't show any of the abyss biomes, it's just generic empty 3D JRPG maps.
Also holy shit is the MiA dub really this fucking bad? I opened the steam page and it fucking killed me.

No, she looks like she stinks