Why does anime always do this, always info dumping the specifics...

why does anime always do this, always info dumping the specifics? Like if I saw some truck driving up the road I'd just call it a truck, but anime be like "theres a toyota hilux driving at a moderate speed around 20mph in a residential neighborhood"

like is this just trying to compensate for something?

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Why did you post an example from a VN and not an anime?

That character is probably a boot enthusiast. It's like in Initial D, where all of the characters are constantly rambling about car specs because they're car nerds.

Because details are easier to write than story

you do not understand amane's character at all. you're illiterate, retarded, and you should most definitely kill yourself.

grisaia is wish fullfillment garbage

Just looked it up. Those are some nice boots.

You don't have a friend/co-worker who would talk fast and give so much info in just a few seconds?

No thats not what im talking about

I think is closer to the point. All into it but I feel that there's something to it that they get involved in what ever they know so they compensate with this knowledge.

In grisaia all the characters do this and its with all kinds of subjects, like he fills up these characters heads and its just weird cause its like theyre seemingly smart but from my experience people who delve into their craft or do the shit dont actually act this way.

theres something that they CANT*


she just qualified that description by saying they are her favorite. i would hope you are knowledgeable about the things you like, clown

I don't see how survivor's guilt makes someone geek out about boots but ok

Suou Amane is a bitch in heat~

They are written by otaku.


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boots otaku?

They exists.

>literally says they were her favorite
If a guy talked about his favorite car, it wouldn't be weird for him to say "Yeah, I had this 2008 Toyota Hilux, 7.4 quadrillion miles but it drove really well..."

This doesn't seem to be a very good example to me, it's clear why she says those extra details.

the author is a vietnam otaku, i think that easily encompass boots otakus

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