Dragon Ball Super


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>Citizens of Universe 7, we are sorry to inform you that Son Goku, Representative of Universe 7, was shot and killed today after resisting arrest, promptly after he was caught in the act of committing Rape.
>The Galactic Patrol were alerted to a "suspicious, monkey-like individual acting in a psychotic manner" from which they responded swiftly. Upon arrival, a member of the Representatives from Universe 6 rushed over to the Galctic Patrol responders showing obvious signs of abuse and sexual violence.
>Despite responding in an appropriate manner, the responders could not deescalate the situation and responded with appropriate force when the assailant tried to flee.

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>fuses by touching fingers together

>fuses by touching dicks together

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Why does Gogeta where a floatie? does he not know how to swim?


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oh shit I did do that didn't I? I'll escort myself out...

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Look at how boring and tedious it is too scroll through these threads. Jiren DAMN I told you so.

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Why do dragon ball characters shoot energy blasts when they could shoot each other with guns instead?

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the only thing that works is by creating tech that simulates chi blasts, whether that be the androids or a ring laser thing.

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>I will defeat Jiren!

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Bejita: *Fires gun at Goku's head*
*Small flag with 'bang' written on it comes out*
Bejita: "What the?!?+" *Looks down barrel of gun*
*Gun fires in Bejita's face*

>a ring laser thing
The laser was confirmed to be weaker than the gun Bulma used in the first chapter of OG.

Run. NOW.

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...but enough about CHADCHAD ENJICHAD.

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wanted more Mr. Satan and Capsule Corp shenanigans

Max Cell was a let down. Just a screaming monster

I liked the Arale reference for Pan

also, there was only dudes in the theatre. usually faggy nerds, girls or couples go to an anime movie


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Bejita: "I have you now, Kakarot!" *Fires bazooka at Goku*

Goku: "Hey, a penny!" *Bends over and picks up penny as rocket flies over his head*

Bejita: *Rocket hits his house* "OH NO AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!"

So why didn't you post Vegehan?

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I flee in shame... forgive me...


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Oh my bad, I was trying to make sense of how SSJB Goku could get injured like that from something that isnt a fighter's attack. I didn't realize things had become that retarded.

Wouldn't this fusion be weaker than Vegerot?


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>I was trying to make sense of how SSJB Goku could get injured like that from something that isnt a fighter's attack
Perfect ki control so anything can kill you.

But enough about MUI BEAST Gokhan...

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Bejita: "Here, Kakarot, have a cupcake" *Hands Goku cupcake with lit dynamite sticking out of it*

Goku: "Thanks, pal!" *Swallows cupcake whole*

Goku: *Cupcake explodes as smoke pours out of his mouth and ears*

Goku: "Boy, that cupcake sure was spicy, Bejita! May I have another?"

thank you looney tunes poster

This is the strongest fusion, but Goku is so disgustingly WEAK, that it's weaker than than normal Jiren. Seriously, base Goku fusing with any Jiren is not equivalent exchange. Only way for the Goku fusion to work properly is when he's in MUI mode prior, but MUI can only last for so long.

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Bejita: Quick Kakarot eat these blue senzu bean!

*Bejita hands Goku a handful of rat poison*

Goku: Aw thanks Bejita, I was getting worn out!

get out

Here's what it looks like

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I got fired today.


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I fired a RATku rat today.

Goku: *Runs up to Bejita's mousehole* "Bejita, come out! Power Pole, extend!*

*Power Pole extends into Bejita's mousehole*

Bejita: *Grabs Power Pole head and creeps out the back door, around Goku and points it at his rectum*

Goku: "Still not comin' out? You asked for it! Power Pole, EXTENDAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!"

What happened?

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Not funny.

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Jiren bros...I don't feel so good....

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tenbro btw.

Goku would splat Jiren in one hit and be disqualified.

Why doesn't Goku use his power pole anymore?

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*Goku and Bejita going skydiving and fall through the air*

Goku: *Deploys parachute*

Bejita: *Pulls cord and an anvil comes out*

Goku: "Quick, use your backup chute!"

Bejita: *Pulls backup cord and second anvil comes out*

Bejita: *Looks at camera and holds up sign that reads 'RIP'*

Reminder that MUI TARDku with all his ass-pull and might lost to an already tired RENJI.

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>For the last time Kakarot(F), I’m NOT kissing your husband!

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because promotional art, it's canonically still stuck in Karin's Tower and connected to the Lookout.

>Chichi(M) raped Kakarot(F)


looks better than any of the new saiyans

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*Z Fighters at bowling alley*

Goku: *Mistakes Krillin's bald head as bowling ball and throws him at pins*

Goku: "Oops! Sorry, buddy!"

Krillin: *Sits up dazed and smiling with bowling pins floating around his head as he's swept behind the lane*