So who was best girl?

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Your mom.

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>Haruna worst tier

What a god damn waste of a harem

Mikan and Yami

mea, risa and run were my top girls

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rito was mega gay

Lala was the only good girl
The rest were sluts or weirdos(Kotegawa) or bland bitches(Haruna)

Rito is a cunt and doesn't deserve Lala's sincere love

>Momo above Mikan

i dunno how he can pick haruna over lala

why he love her since middle school?

cuz she was nice once

I'm still amazed at how good risa ended up being with so little focus

I remember her male part. Yabuki pulled that shit out of her like a mutant conjoined twin.

For me, it's Lala

She was the first anime girl I fapped to

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Are you sure it wasn't the succubus from Rosario x Vampire? Or Rias from HDxD? Or Yoko? Or Bulma?

No I'm pretty sure it was a girl from this series

you are young?

I'm 27
I think I was 16

Mikan is a pure girl with absolutely 0 sex appeal

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This was the first show that really showed me how bad anime can be, and I watched plenty of crap at the time.

Are you gay?