Boku no Hero Academia

Spoilers for this smelly piece of crap are out, enjoy

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First for Jirou!

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What killed the hype?

The chapter starts with a narration talking about Edgeshot's quirk, saying that his ultimate move allows his body to become as thin as a spider's web. He is dissolving and going inside Bakugou's chest, and uses one of the bubbles Wash gave him to sanitize his body

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>more power up wank for Shiggy
>Bakugo not dead
>Deku probably gonna get powerups to fight El Shiggy
Where are my steaks waiter?

Based BakuGOD making all staketrannies and hatefags seethe
I love this screeching retard so much

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He says that Jeanist has sewn up some parts, but others have escaped his grasp. And the lung was also damaged, so Edgeshot will make sure that all the wounds are sutured and then make sure that the heart starts beating again from the inside


>why won’t you die?
>hehe bubblemachines son

He hopes that Jeanist and Mirko will find a way to hold TomurAFO, because if Bakugou takes any more damage there will be nothing they can do. The narration says that, besides being very difficult to control, this technique consumes the user's life time considerably

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all these limbs couldve been preserved of monoma had a functional brain

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Wait I just realized is Bakugo already back alive in the top panel? He's coughing blood and his head changed position

TomurAFO asks what they are doing, because he has already broken that toy. In mid-sentence his pronoun changes from boku (AFO) to ore (Shigaraki), as he remembers the time he told the doctor that he would destroy everything, in the beginning of My Villain Academia

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Is it really on 11 pages?

>This is Shigaraki
Shigaraki doesn't exist anymore and he has greatly outlived anything interesting he ever had about him to become a generic souless cardboard. This is AFO

This is the most nonsensical logic. Assuming Monoma even got close, Eraser would have to momentarily stop erasing Shigster’s quirks so Monoma could copy them, at which point Shiggy would just dust everything immediately around him. Bye bye Monoma.

Fucking fillers. I just want to see Bakugo back on his feet and finish his fight.
Then Deku will come in and it'll be my turn to stop reading this shit for months until Bakugo shows up again.

user retards can't write inteligently.

The heroes are fucked

Deku will come and share OFA with all his friends. How should the heroes defeat the Villains and Nomu army?

>pick a mentally retarded manchild as your vessel
>in the middle of the final battle, he breaks free of your control, starts seething about his shitty childhood, and manifests a bunch of meat sacks in the shapes of his dead family members like Charles II of Spain

This can't get any more JUST for AFO at this point.

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I love how people can't even come up with reasons to shit on MHA anymore so they have to resort to incoherent spam. Thank you Hori for another brilliant chapter, can't wait for the next!

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The manga won't be finished this year.
There are too many unfinished fights

Veins start popping out on his forehead and he jumps towards Bakugou, enraged. But before he can do anything, Miruko jumps in front of him and hits him with a kick

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Literally everybody with a brain knows this. Even Hori said that he might not finish it this year.

What kind of reverse copium is this? He's using ore over boku and malding about his childhood, this is Shiggy.

i just want shigaraki to rape aizawa and leave his unconscious body in the bathroom where dabi has to step over the eraserhead flaccid meatsack so he can take a piss. the fact shigaraki isn't rewarded for his childhood trauma with a sleepy, broken black haired teacher kills me inside

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>Mirko getting mangled
I FUCKING TRUSTED YOU HORI FUCKING FAG! Why did he do us dirty thightbros?

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.....when did Miruko get free from Shigaraki last chapter?

What a brilliant criminal mind that has lived for centuries

My priorities lie elsewhere.

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AM's whole talk about AFO controling the country for a whole century and building society back up from colapse with leadership was greatly exagerated. AFO is an absolute retard that gets threatened by a autistic teenager fuck up.

Shigaraki bites her real arm with one of his hand-mouths and asks if she wants to be crushed that badly

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Last digit of this post is how many chapters until we get Toga ryona

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dirty incel shigaraki keeping the nugget bunny as a pet

Ochako could never ryona her
Tsuyu though...?

>Hori forgot again
Kek this hack

That kick did real damage to Shigaraki and he doesn't understand why, since he should be in a perfect state. Then he remembers the hits Bakugou landed earlier and thinks "No. It can't be..."
Jeanist catches Miruko in mid-air with his cables, placing her closer to Shigaraki and helping her to run on all fours without both arms and with only one leg. She screams "how nice you are, king of demons!!

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this is a ship i never knew i liked until a few seconds ago

I get that some gore looks cool, but this just looks stupid

I think this post is not about Shigaraki

>mirko losing another arm
damn Hori just keep going at it until we have nothing but fuck nugget

Damn, it seems like a kino chapter, hatefag cant do shit lol

shes down to a single leg, getting pretty close

The old generation of pro heroes will die

RIP Endeavor
R.I.P. Hawks

This is falseflagging right?

Last is the head

Shigaraki is about to land a blow on her, but Mirio suddenly appear through the sea of hands and puts his hands on Shiggy's face, blocking his vision. Shigaraki changes the direction of the hands to hit Mirio, but it's useless

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Make way for the NEW generation of heroes

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