We're never getting a next season of High School DxD are we

We're never getting a next season of High School DxD are we....

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Stop touching yourself at night.

Good, that show is crap.

Thank fuck.

kill self

Glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't stand it. All it does is just tits flashing for the sake of it while pretending to have a meaningful plot (in an ecchi anime lmao). Also the MC is insufferably bad, both in Japanese and when dubbed by a pedo.

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Shit show, shit mc

Kaji pumped and dumped Maaya Uchida and then went on to marry Ayana.
They couldn't record another season out of awkwardness

kill yourself

Once the novelty of an openly pervy MC wore off you really do realize he was just as bad as every other crappy insert if not worse because despite all his bravado he still just never seals the deal. And I know that's not an exclusive problem to harem MCs but it feels like this one just calls more attention to it.

I'd rather have Demon King Demon King again.

good riddance


it's a fucking crime this doesn't get more porn

I just want the original animation artists to create some Rias hentai. Is that to much to ask?

I accepted that so i'm reading the LN now, gonna finish volume 3 tonight

DxD lost its charm around the time of the tournament arc. Everything up till that was pretty fun though

Was there ever a scene where he sucked her boobs?

I will only be interested in a new season if there is sex.

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never forget

i didn't mind season fours animation