One Piece

No chapter this week. Post characters you wish to know more about.

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what happened to her?

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Probably rotting in Impel Down, completely covered in seastone.

I want to know what happened to Carrot after Luffy coldly left her on Wano without saying goodbye

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Died off-panel, devoured by the citizens of Wano

I'd like to know more about el kaido

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Massaging elephant D for the rest of her days

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Carrotbros I give up it's over for us

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This FUCKING egg

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You finally get it, just save yourself the trouble and jump ship like all the others

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Restrained in Impel Down with pathetically light security and the staff unaware of how dangerous her power is.

It's the Wind Fish.

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Kakyoin, not again...

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I wish Oda used this design for Kaido after quitting Rocks.

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He looks like a minor villain in an One Piece movie.

For me? It's manga El Kaido.

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>Kaido's face when Jack begs him not to mix his alcohol with his meds, but he do it anyway, because he's too shitfaced to care

>I wish Oda used this design for Yamato.

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Is it just me or is there like a break every other week now?

When was the last time we had 3 chapters in a row?


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>Fine slave Luffy, I see he got no collar, have you perhaps broken his will? So proud of you! What do you mean "Nakama"?!

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no contest

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