ITT God tier fight scenes

ITT God tier fight scenes.

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Also gridknight Anti vs the kaiju.
Love seeing the mentor and student working together as equals.

Ok, hear me out. Student vs Teacher beating the shit out of each other on a plane is one of the best parts of this franchise.

Also this fight from Apocrypha.

Has thereever been a better anime fight?

Post a better mecha fight. Just try.

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you're late, user.

That one is quite good too, too many breaks though, what I love about the spriggan fight is it's nonstop, all while maintaining that perfect 90's aesthetic, dont get me wrong though 08th is my favorite gundam

I wish I could like 08th more, but man is it badly written, even if it does have some amazing fights.
For me, peak mecha cheese is G gundam.
pure kino

The cartoony style reminds me of Yoshinori Kanada, the guy who taught the guy who started trigger

symphogear has great fights

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>I am the bone of my sword
What did Archer mean by this?
Love me some quality swordplay.

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Felt like Vash vs Mugatu was more impactful

Imagine how much better Naruto wouldve been if it wouldve just focused on taijutsu instead of dbz tier magic

I will forever be annoyed that naruto's story fell so flat. The animation and choreography team didn't deserve to have the DBZ scaling bullshit happen to them

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Naruto really does look great. Shame know, everything else.