There is a lot of anime

In addition to official remasters, there's hundreds of Domesday LD rips coming out. I had previously ignored a lot of VHS/LD anime since the quality was often trash (often some blurry 2002 rip in .avi format), but the Domesdays are quite watchable.

There's literally thousands of these OVA and more coming out. How do you keep up with all this?

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This OVA has a lot of fuzzy film grain. Does that mean it's 32mm? It'd be ideal for a 4k remaster.

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Who the fuck watches all of that shit

>Who the fuck watches all of that shit

Me. Or at least I'm trying to. Even if they're not great they're exactly in the style I love. Some have fantastic animation and direction. Some are objectively kinda trashy and stupid, but have redeeming features like some good scenes even if the entire package isn't great.

The MADOX OVA is way better than I remember, with top notch directing, even if the story is pretty light.

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I don't think the obscure OVAs are popular for a reason. Anything with a fandom has already gotten a re-release. These are the odd-ball ones that aren't popular enough or they just lost the original masters. More historical oddities than antyhing. I don't think I've seen one that I'd deem as "must watch".

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Is there any place that catalogues these releases?

Very specifically LD or VHS rips of old OVA? There's only a handful of groups doing it, any any recent LD rips in the last few years on nyaa will all bee domesday. But there is no one centralized location

>Kineko video (only a few, mostly film scans)
>[PPP-Raw] (Dead and only their last few years of LD rips are Domesday so check each one)

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I love these old obscure OVAs, they're little hidden treasures. Even when they're bad it's fun to discover them

I already follow Collectr's blog, but OP said hundreds of rips were coming out, so I figured there were several other groups I didn't know about. Seems like a pretty big exaggeration.

I'd rather watch high resolution old shit than new shit. Its generally much nicer to look at.

[PPP-Raw] has 88 rips, Orphan has 274, and Kineko has 3 so far. They put them on their youtube, and their Ninja Gaiden LD rip is notable that it's actually bright enough in the dark scnese that you can see what the hell is going on.

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thanks for the info

The only SD stranded anime I want a domesday rip of is California Crisis.
I would like LoGH to eventually get ripped so it can finally be free of the dvd era revisionist art but that's not really the same thing.

There was a new version that came out:
>The upgrade in quality between this version and the previous ones isn't too high, but currently this stands as the highest-quality version of the OVA available on the net. Hopefully this can change one day if film reels for this ever pop up...

But I havent' seen ANYONE refer to any Laserdisc release, meaning it's possible it's VHS only. The company that produced it went out of business before making a sequel so it's possible they never got a LD release at all..

Yeah there's no LD release of California Crisis, so the only hope is finding reel...

damn, that looks good

is that megami paradise? that's pretty out there

...that blue-haired chick only gets one scene, doesn't she?

It sure would help if you modified your mpv config to show filenames in screenshot filenames.

Too bad they don't know how to encode.