Fire Force

Maki's bulging muscles or Tamaki's pudgy tummy?

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Why not both?

Delete the thread OP, we're finished here.

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Attractive female or Attractive female?
I will go with the Attractive female

The thigh highs and gloves are too hot.

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I can't decide and you can't make me.

Maki all day and it's not even close

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That's some shit tier anatomy on the left girl. Hips don't work like that.

That's her other arm

i'm sorry but if i saw a pudgy naked anime girl wearing gloves and socks like this she is getting bred no questions (or consent) asked.

this show looks terrible but there's something about this girl that makes me want to submit to her.

hardest choice i've ever had to make but i'm gonna have to go with tamaki

That's some shit tier anatomy on this post. Eyes don't work like that.


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I love love love Meiji!


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Maki, She looks like a nice and friendly girl that would get along with people