The britcel made a girl go dokidoki

The britcel made a girl go dokidoki.

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>Where is he taking me?
>My heart is beating so fast
>He's so bold all of the sudden

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Who the fuck is this?

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and this?

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The eventual rival.
The fangirl who was obssesed with the group, namely with Ichika.
Now dump the chapter.

The first one was that classmate of Nirai obsessed with getting followers I think.
The second one is the Imouto yeah?

Okay, I will dump.
And Ichika gets another cover.
Could it be that Naoko likes girls more than boys?

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The long-awaited chaptr that explains Ichika's motivations to do it, and with that I mean long.

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It's a shame Japanese people don't really sleep on straw mats in futons any more.

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Does this character actually okaachan or somethng that britlator choose for "mummy"?

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>wearing absolute territory at home in front of your parents.

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Looking sexy with those exposed legs

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British was absolutely the right choice for this character. I love sassy girls with a Llly Allen accent.

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I thought in the last chapter that it was Ichika who cancelled. This seems a lot less interesting to be honest.

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This story feels pretty damn planned to be honest. I wonder if Naoko planned this during the first chapter already or if this scene was just convenient.

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Emi' such a bloody slag, shaggng the producer.

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You may hate the Brit for translating otaku to geek, but it's literally on the cover that way.

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When you're at your darkest...

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That's the MC's little sister. She showed up in the previous chapter.

...Your ikimen* incel shows up to save you

*T/N: Japanese for "fit bloke"

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I always think contracting I have to I've here just sounds wrong but I know English people do it.

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This is only the beginning. Next we'l have a kabedon and then he'll go full rapechad.
I sense great potential in this one

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The face of a girl who's starting to see supreme gentlemanry.

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user, this is a shoujo, the most non-shoujo ever but still a shoujo, we call this the "male lead" here.

Wannabe influencer that made mc download insta and tiktok in chapter 3

>what you exude
I wonder what kid of Japanese was behind that

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And he's back to stumblig again.

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Stop using the word MC to refer to male leads in shoujos.

It's like when a girl first rejects your kabedon but then turns around after you've been forceful for a couple of times

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