WTF did I just watch?

WTF did I just watch?

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Straight up HOT trash.

You watched Dante's Inferno with giant robots, with special guest star Judas's daughter.

an anime probably

first half was comfy

The best movie ever made

The final touches of a dumpster fire. I liked the first half, but the second half was Anno suddenly remembering that this is the final movie and needs to give it closure

A bad movie

Evangelion 3.0+1.0

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>EVA still a thing
man, i just watched the original series and the End of Eva movie and never looked back, now this is something i will never waste my time on, i just forget sequels exist and get remembered every years

An average movie.

Nah it all ended last year, but yeah i don't think I'll ever watch them again either

The anti-thesis of EoE, that is gonna live rent free on waifufaggots, pretentiousniggers and doomers. For everybody else is healing material and a good sendoff to a beloved series.

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>WTF did I just watch?
The canon and definitive ending to the Evangelion series.

The definitive and canon ending to Anno's Evangelion.

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The end of a fan fiction

>shinji finally confronting gendou and gendou finally confronting shinji
The only way for shinji to get a good ending and break out of the curse of eva.

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why did he ruin his own series?

>eva fan
My sides.

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This isn't a EoE thread though.

U no rike my trash?