Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Are you a Chito or a Yuuri kind of user?

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More of a Dhomo guy myself

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>think "yuck, that's some moeblob alright" at the start of ep 1
>think "holy cute" 10 mins later
How does she do it. I promised myself I would not fall for moe

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im a chito who wants to be a yuuri

Chito is a bully.

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for me, it's oishii

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i'm titus

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Whole lotta Chichads in this thread. Nice.

>not being a chito-fag

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sleep tight potatoes

the smart potat

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i know it's a long shot, but anyone have that otomad of this show that was set to the tune of "Ray of Hope" from Corpse Party? It's gone from youtube and I don't think it was ever on Nico

Answer was always obvious

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Concerning lack of Yuurifags in this thread.

Chitois the brains of the operation. Yuuri is the heart. I’ll go with Yuuri because she’s indefensible in her actions and I can appreciate that.

but why are these potatoes Dabbing?

>that VN
The most unforgettable horror porn game I've ever played. No other game had a bunch of elementary schoolers gangbang a teenage girl against a wall. And the teenage girl loved it. No other game I've played had a 17 year old bishonen guy drink a 14 year old girl's piss and chase her down the hall to rape her, only to wind up getting anally raped by a 32 year old fat man. I still remember the scene where a 16-17 girl was hiding under a bed as her same age best friend was having sex with that same 32 year old fat guy on top. She heard every moan, bed shake and sound. In the wrong end she was discovered under the bed by her friend and made to join. A most terrifying scene was when an unwilling girl relives another girl's sex memories. The girl in the memory consented but the reliving girl didn't. It didn't matter that she was mentally screaming, her body in the memory did all the motions and actions as in history. It's like mind control rape except the victim was fully aware. Another scene the same girl and a friend were almost raped in a magic sex ritual, saved by the girl's older sister, and the backlash made the older sister want to rape her younger sister and friend.

The loli in this pic is freakishly lewd and once disguised herself as a teenage girl, fucked a boy until he nearly came, transformed back saying
>You thought you were having sex with a highschooler weren't you? I'm an elementary schooler all along!
And leglocks that boy, forcing him to cum inside her unprotected, when he screams in fear upon learning this. This isn't even getting into the tentacles, the gay sex, the lesbian sex, the incest, the sequel's mother/daughter lesbian scene, etc. The first chapter alone contains lots of lesbian sex scenes with an unavoidable girl masturbating in the bathroom. Truly horror is intrinsically connected with sexuality.

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Classic pasta