Light Wing Vol.1 Right Wing Rihito

As Shinkai Hideo (神海 英雄)'s thoroughly entertaining series Earthchild (地球の子) comes to a close this week, I think a fair enough tribute is to see how far he's come from his 2010 debut Weekly Shonen Jump serialization, Light Wing (ライトウィング)

Former assistant of Hirohiko Araki (Baoh), soccer enthusiast, and guy that was in a brass band once, Shinkai "God Ocean" Hideo gives a unique perspective in all his works by featuring heroes that everyone can rally behind and be inspired by whether they want to be or not. In this three volume series, the Captain Tsubasa curse is challenged by a charismatic young Rihito who only wants his peers to get the most out of Non-American Football and to become a little bit more passionate like himself.

Just take two seconds to make up your mind whether you want to read along or not!

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Chapter 1

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Pretty sure this quirk of screwing up or getting lost never happens again.

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He's fast!

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That limp wristed pose is... unique.

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Look how cool this guy is!
Look how amazing!
Everyone loves Rihito and his Football skills!

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Literal fucking divinity!

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How can you not be inspired by this amazing guy? Either you love him or you don't love him yet!

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Chapter 2

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