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I think Trigger copying the style of Adult Swim garbage shows didn't work because anime and Adult Swim have inherently different viewer bases

What is toonami?

Any one know why this character has quite a bit of fanart despite being so minor?

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Trigger's best show and it's not even close.

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I've been watching anime for 16 years and this is unironically the funniest shit ever made. I wish trigger would go back to doing crazy shit like this and Inferno Coppu season 2 never ;_;

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i havent seen any

I remember the hype when it was first announced, followed by disappointment when it turned out to be kuso anime

I don't even know this character despite watching the entire show

There's quite a bit when you start looking for it.

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She's Araki's (mad scientist guy) assistant who he likes to dry hump.

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i'll be honest, i found none of it after already looking

It's like falling into a hole when you see all of it. I will say there isn't a huge amount but it's still a lot considering how little she appears.

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>he doesn't know

Half the reason I want more Ninja Slayer is the music.

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I'd really like a season 2.

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>instead we keep getting gridshit.

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I want the manga translations to get picked up again.

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