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Usopp is the worst Straw Hat ever to exist.

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i would say chopper is worse

That would be Vivi

You typed Post ts franky wrong

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That is not Chopper or Nami

weak = the worst, even though usopp would clap vivi

Post Cute and Canon

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Chopper actually cures people. Usopp piggybacks off of others.

I did not like Wano

Tashigi's entire existence proves her right

Could current Usopp beat pre timeskip Rob Lucci?

go back

I wonder how strong shell be if shes still alive

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>Franky puts the barrel into the Sunny's cola machine

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It's not good enough to leave Wano. We need to prevent Wano from ever happening again. Ever,

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Ussop hasn't won a single 1v1 against someone that isn't fodder. Lucci would destroy him without using hybrid

Surely they're properly labelled... right?

*against someone that isn't fodder post time skip

Kuina is actually mihawk
What do you think the revolutionaries were doing in Zoro's village

Every Straw Hat got worse post-TS but Usopp and Chopper were fucking brutalized.

Shit, I remember when Nami played with mirages and temp manipulation, now she's just female Enel but not as cute.

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>SHs try to Coup de Burst out of a bad situation
>end up just spraying rabbit guts all over their enemies

Condoriano wrote this OP, therefore Condoriano is a faggot.

Why are things still so fucked? The final saga was supposed to be a cozier era, where thread wouldn't be filled with characterfagging and /dbs/picery. And although the nakama war is over, with yamatroons and tamapedos disapering, carrotfags are still here, even though she wasn't on 1058 they still cope. They weren't supposed to cope, they were supposed to rope! And despite sanji being BTFOed by fucking jimbei, the sanji spamming has quadrupled! And even though a month passed since cash-grab red released, putaniggers are still here! It wasn't supposed to be like this!

>"The Kozuki were born to burn."
>"Akainu-san, that pun doesn't make sen-"
>"ALL Wano motherfuckers were born to burn."

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Oda said her swordsmanship would be around the level of Vista upon meeting Luffy if Zoro was the one who died and she became a bounty hunter.
>First thing Usopp does when he sees Wanda for the first time is stare at her tits

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Literal faggots.

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brook and jinbe are way worse than him. brook is annoying and jinbe feels like a boomer playing house with kids.