Daily Criminale! Chapter

What was your reaction when reading through a manga and suddenly came to an abrupt end? Consumed by rage? Filled with confusion? Drown in disbelief and denial? Perhaps, plagued with uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity.

Nevertheless, come. Relive, share with others, or experience for yourself the first time some of these short lived (maybe justifiably so) creations.
Make valuable lessons be learnt. And never forget, the true ending was the friends we read questionably sourced Japanese cartoon drawings on a handicraft forum with along the way.

Rehabilitation by enabling. Can one man fix his fellow inmates, er... I mean classmates?

>Ichimura Tamito is a criminal magnet. Ever since he could remember he had attracted criminals from kidnappers kidnapping him when he was just a newborn, to robbers stealing his toys. He is determined to start a new life and make new friends after moving into a new city but at the start of the day he was bombarded by all sorts of crime. After encountering a knife wielding killer in broad daylight he saves a young girl that coincidentally belongs to the same class as he does. But something seems off about this girl and his new class too. It seems like our protagonist's magnetic pull on crime and criminals is getting stronger as he find out that he belongs to a class of criminals and suspects.

28th Offense

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Yo, OP

29th Offense: The Two Alone

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Oh, YoP

What are you? My soul, mate?

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Do not fall for its female guiles

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m-maybe I was wrong to hate this cute little french person

How unfortunate

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Ogni Giorno.29

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"Wah!" alright.

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And that's all for today. Those despicable editors are at it again. Alphabets are on the move. We're gonna need a masked person.
Good day/night to you all.

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Good Lord OP, you can't just throw these two pages at me out of nowhere. Fuck Harukana is so sexy, I want to lick her armpit

Always blame it on slimy editorial intervention

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