Dragon Ball Super

Reminder Gohan is always training.

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Jiren. I won.

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The anime is still cancelled?

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Jiren? Goku fears him.

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What did you say, BITCH?

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I actually fapped to the piccolo dose gif of him fucking bejita in the ass


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>The SHITnga is on indefinite hiatus?

-One of Tenshinhan's many victims moments before losing consciousness.

Uhm... godbros?

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Dragon Ball Super sucks. You'd think that once Goku reached Super Saiyan God form he'd be unstoppable but that was definitely not the case. Goku and Vegeta were literally trained by Whis and the God of Destruction but Vegeta only took him 4 fucking months to reach Goku's power level. Now we move to the Universe 6 battles and the Tournament of Power and somehow, contestants in that battle can fight Goku and Vegeta in God form at equal strength, if not more powerful than both of them. And the crazy thing about it all is Krillin at one point during this story arc Krillin was able to give SSJ God Goku some trouble when they both went into a power fight with both of their Kamehameha's.. And I'm like.. WHY IS THIS POWER LEVEL SO FUCKING JANKY AND INCONSISTENT??? Now that Super Broly movie comes out which retcons everything somehow they made Broly MORE STRONGER than Goku and Vegeta in their God form which is just crazy to me.. Because Broly does NOT HAVE GOD ENERGY!!! There's no fucking reason Broly was able to defeat the both of them so easily. What's the point of these cool transformations when literal who fighters can outlevel them and fight them? Why even call them God forms and compare that strength to Lord Beerus. The power transformations is just getting so confusing. Goku barely won against Jiren even after reaching Ultra Instinct.. A TRANSFORMATION POWER THAT EVEN GODS CAN'T EVEN ACHIEVE!!!!!! SOMEHOW SOME LITERAL WHO CHARACTER NAMED JIREN WAS ABLE TO FIGHT ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU!!!!

At this point I honestly think Dragon Ball GT was just way more consistent and delivered all the good Dragon Ball moments in that show more than Super and I'm just really disappointed with Dragon Ball Super. End of rant.

Daily Reminder:

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z

"Bardock Father of Goku" special
"History of Trunks" special

"Revenge of Cooler" movie
"Broly Legendary Super Saiyan" movie
"Broly Second Coming" movie
"Fusion Reborn" movie

>non-canon garbage
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball GT
All other movies
Promotional sketches AKA the manga

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>the anime is never coming


>Frost lies and kills people for money
>Hailed as a hero

>Frieza saves the Universe
>Treated as "evil"

Frieza-sama deserves more respect

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canon? more like canomnomnomnom on deez nuts hahahaha
but seriously who's your favorite character?

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku
Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
>non canon
All the rest of the Z movies
Dragon Ball Super in all forms

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Well? It won't suck itself.

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...so I have to do it myself, get ready Kakarot.

Kek! Based! Canon!