Whats the appeal of gyaru

Whats the appeal of gyaru.

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You Are Gay

she does all the work for me and makes the first move.

They're for me, a sexless introverted otaku.

Literally your pic related

Since you are on Any Forums anime and manga is the gap moe, she look like a slut but she's actually dere, if you wanna talk about IRL shit or 3DPD fuck off, there's no appeal it's the result of abuse and the search of a father figure, women in the modern world are just too miserable.

White/Blonde hair on dark/tan skin

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Sad he got arrested for cp

He was too based for his own good

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Good girls are boring, bad girls are more exciting.

energetic sex freak with a sweet side once she opens up, 100% unrealistic male fantasy, irl gyaru and other sub cultures are trash though.

what the fuck, that's not illegal

What about former bad girls? The ultimate end goal?

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What do you expect. Women are retarded

you passed the knowledge check, however you missed the opportunity to get a load of exp from a stamina check.

But I like good girls.

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Sloppy blowjobs

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She just needs an incentive to stop.

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Gyarus, cute, fun, outgoing and very sociable.