Made in Abyss

Cute couple

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>hit him in the side
Why is Reg such a bad shot?

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>"It's no longer a dream, Nanachi."

>Suddenly the ED is accompanied by the fucking spirit of Jimi Hendrix doing some shredding at the very end

Yeah, I missed it.

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Also, I fixed Faputa's leg in this stitch

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>Wazu asks Riko now if she hates him even knowing all the bad shit he did

>Riko doesn't give a fuck

Why doesn't Riko give a fuck about Wazu but fucking hated Bondrewd?

What was he thinking at that moment

>Imagine if some Native American showed up and killed everyone in the US because his little sister got sold and gangbanged and raped to death thanks to Custer. The Native American has magical powers because reasons. Is he justified in killing America?

Yes, absolutely. Death to America.

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Why do people like this mid anime

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I can't wait for them to animate this scene.

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Nekkid Nanachi next week

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Holy based

is it bun and rug next week or Reg getting domestic abuse?

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>Anime took away their sex scene
>Animators knew people saw that as an important trait, so they added this little interaction
The animators may make some questionable choices at times, and they do censor quite a bit, but it's little details like this that make it somewhat worth it.

What did you guys think of chapter 64?

>tfw your gay lover doesn't recognize you in your new purple cyclops form

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Belaf the cuck

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>inplyign belafu would ever have the longing for vueko's abyss

Belaf fucked Vueko first so it's okay.

Best couple in the show!

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What was this expression meant to represent?

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what's his endgame?

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Should be both. Nanachi's thing wasn't that long

>you really don't recognize me???

Time traveler, go back to the future.
Srajo teasing Reg and getting jumpscared by Meinya is such a huge gap moe. Srajo really is a coward, and it's great. There's no way she's the bad guy for this arc. Those dolls being aubades was expected, but god damn they were something else. I wonder how those crotch plates will be animated when we get to this part in the future. No way they'll be left uncensored.

>Faputa got this memory from the gas

His main objective was opening the village not necessarilly killing that thing

Steal souls

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This image makes gambro look huge

>vueko has been fooling around with kids again...

i thought it was a full chapter or have i finally gone mad?

Wazukyan had no options
Bondrewd did
simple as

>the abyss is just tsukushi's oversized mental onahole

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which release is the good quality one this time around?

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>Implying Vueko didn't just view her as one time fuck cause she was curious about how scissoring felt.
We all know she loves fat cocks way more

Pakkoyan being forced into a scene is silly, she'd just talk to vueko if it was that easy.

you just want that image of tsukushi fucking the abyss but you're not getting it.

It was but it was a short chapter. Today's episode was two chapters

oh well next week will be just as much fun then.

She appears in the manga too

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Holy cringe. Average japanese bugman logic

Wazu made soup from Iru's malformed babies to save everyone, or everybody would die a horrible death
Bondrewd is having orphans shipped from overseas to experiment/turn them into cartridges, with the implicit support of the government

He IS huge. Remember, he has a little box seat on top of his head that Reg was able to comfortably sit in. Reg is absolutely tiny next to the big guy.

Those two ost at the end where so fucking good, belafu's lullaby actually steered my heart string for a bit.